Marine Survey Services Vancouver

Bradley Marine Services provides Surveys & Audits for Commercial Deep Sea Vessels, Coastal Commercial Ships, Ferries, Tugs, Barges, Yachts

Clients include shipping companies, ship owners & managers, shipyards, harbour facilities, banks, underwriters, lawyers and insurance companies.

Ship Condition SurveyDamage & Repair SurveysShipyard SurveyShipbuilding Survey ∙ Cargo & Cargo Damage Surveys ∙ Repair / Docking AttendanceISPS & ISM Internal Audits

Ship Condition Survey

  • Visual inspection of the condition of the ship. Technical examination of cargo holds, ballast tanks, hull, engine room, bridge, decks, open spaces, cabins, public rooms and safety equipment.
  • Review of ship certificates, class files, maintenance documentation and operation documentation.
  • Detailed written report describing the technical ship data, the condition of all inspected areas and the extent of any defects, and the validity of certificates, class files and maintenance documentation.
  • Photos documenting the findings of the inspection.
Ship Condition Survey

Ship Damage & Repair Surveys

  • Assessment of the collision and physical examination of the extent of damage sustained by the vessel's hull, machinery systems, and lifting appliances.
  • Assessment of environmental damages.
  • Detailed written report describing the collision, the damage and probable causes, and recommendations on repairs.
  • Coordination and supervision of tender and completion of required repairs.
  • Harbour Facility damage surveys.
  • Underwriter and Insurance Claims handling.
Ship Damage Survey

Shipyard Evaluation Survey

On behalf of the owners, managers:
  • Visual inspection of shipyard facility and machinery including buildings, dry docks, cranes and slipways.
  • Condition of equipment, safety, and maintenance procedures.
  • Review of shipyard quality systems, yard capability including worker qualifications, weld shop approvals, welder approvals and available weld procedures.
Shipyard Survey

Ship Building

As owners representative:
  • Coordination and supervision of the shipbuilding process and vessel construction including conformity to quality standards and classification rules, efficiency management and building surveillance.
  • Monitoring of new building process and timeline as per building contract and bank payment schedule.
  • Detailed written progress reports documenting building process, quality control and yard efficiency.
  • Photos documenting ship construction.
Ship Building Survey

Repair & Docking Attendance

  • On-site supervision of ship repair and regular dockings.
  • Review and monitoring of repair or docking specifications.
  • Constant communication with regards to repair or docking cost control and invoice approval.
  • Detailed written documentation and assessment of repair costs.
  • Photo documentation.
Ship Repair Docking

ISM & ISPS Internal Audits

  • As required by the company's Safety Management and Security systems carry out an internal audit for verification that the ship complies with the international standard for safe management (ISM code) and shipboard Security (ISPS Code).
  • Using the owners/managers onboard review procedures, audit the ship's Safety Management System and Security systems for compliance with the approved company policies and procedures, and confirmation of their implementation.
ISPS and ISM Internal Audits